Author: Francel Bangayan

Your Sustainable Office Space Options in London

Over 6 million sq. ft. of commercial property in Canary Wharf faces a significant challenge as recent data reveals a shortfall in meeting environmental property standards. Proposed regulations specify that all commercial properties must achieve energy performance certificate (EPC) ratings of A, B, or C by 2027 and exclusively A or B ratings by 2030…. Read more »

The Future of Office Space is Green

The built environment accounts for a third of global energy consumption and almost half of global CO2 emissions. Commercial space, comprising approximately 15% of the UK’s built environment, plays a pivotal role. As the climate crisis heightens, the responsibilities of commercial landlords and tenants to contribute to global net-zero targets become essential.  As businesses expand… Read more »

When Should You Consider Moving Offices?

Changing office space is a strategic move that demands careful consideration. It involves numerous moving parts, administrative tasks and hidden details that must align for a successful transition. Before delving into the intricate process of an office move, it’s crucial to reflect on whether it’s the right time for some Soul Searching and bid farewell… Read more »

Designing Modern Laboratories: Key Features and Considerations

As technology advances and industries evolve, the requirements for a company’s workspace have grown more intricate. Specific processes, industries and teams now require specialised infrastructure, dedicated areas, advanced tools and services that strictly adhere to safety and compliance regulations. This year, we’ve had the privilege of collaborating with the forward-thinking biotech company Modern Synthesis to… Read more »

London Design and Build: What have we been up to?

It’s been a busy year, one where we have worked incredibly hard and of course, have been incredibly lucky to meet and work with so many amazing clients. Below are just some of the office design and build projects that have been keeping the team busy in the final stretch of 2023. RANDSTAD   Randstad… Read more »

Founders Thoughts: Process Over Targets

Soul Spaces founder, Joe, shares insights on leading a business inspired by his fitness journey, emphasising the value of daily improvement over rigid targets. I have never been too specific with targets. Ultimately, I think success has many metrics and an obsession with a certain target can mislead yourself and others.  I read an article… Read more »

The Ultimate Guide To Your Office Refurbishment

Soul Spaces office design for Faculty AI

In today’s workplace world, the concept of office space is changing. Modern businesses understand the importance of creating an environment that is not just a place to work but a space that fosters productivity, creativity, community and employee well-being. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll take you through the essential considerations for planning, designing and managing… Read more »

Why We Love Aldgate: Three Compelling Reasons to Choose Aldgate Office Spaces

Prime Location   Aldgate boasts a strategic location that’s nothing short of a commuter’s paradise. The tube station connects seamlessly with various essential London destinations. With just one tube connection, you can access virtually any part of the city, not to mention it’s a stone’s throw away from the Elizabeth line at Whitechapel. Upon leaving… Read more »

The Ultimate Office Fit Out Checklist

Planning an office fit out? Then you are in the right place. In this blog, we’ve got your back with the ultimate fit out checklist. We’ll take you through all the essentials, from pre-fit-out preparations to seamless execution, along with some insider tips and tricks to maximise your investment. Preparing for Your Office Fit Out… Read more »

Serviced Offices vs. Managed Offices: What’s the Difference?

Curious about the various types of offices available? In this blog post, we’re exploring two of your options: Serviced Offices and Managed Offices. We’ll cover all the essentials, including what defines them, how they distinguish themselves from other office types, the advantages they offer and which option would be best for you.   Choosing Between… Read more »

Work From Home Vs. Return To Office

New London Office Meeting Room Table

The workspace landscape can seem confusing right now, with varying perspectives on the future of work. According to KPMG’s latest Global CEO Outlook survey, 63% of UK CEOs expect people who were office-based before the pandemic to return full-time in three years. Globally, 87% of CEOs (83% in the UK) believe that employees who make… Read more »