Starting with why. Finding my purpose

Starting with why is difficult for many but seemed simple to me.

I love my industry and love what I do. I enjoy meeting clients and working with businesses to create a better working environment and improving their operation. I love entrepreneurialism and reading of business success and playing a small part in that by working with them on their office relocation project.

There are things that were getting me down whilst working for others. I felt the prices these founders had to pay was wrong, unethical, unfair. I was sick of telling clients they can’t have the product they want because they couldn’t afford it when really they couldn’t afford our mark up on the product. I was growing tired of feeling like profit was the number one driver for the business, financial growth was the most important objective and people and product came second to creating something with beauty and ethical purpose.

I have seen the founders journey up close. My family are full of entrepreneurs and I have seen the struggle and challenges, the toll it has on relationships and the difficulties of starting and running a business. All of this together has shaped my why, shaped my reason for starting Soul Spaces.

I founded this business because I believe tenants deserve better. With over seven years of experience in the industry and my growing frustrations around unethical profits I decided now was the right time to do things differently. Your office should be a place to be proud of, it should be somewhere your people enjoy working but it should be a product at a fair price where you receive transparency and clear sight throughout the process. We stand for vision, clarity and resilience. We are up front and open on what profit we make on your project. We are transparent on our business and ethical in our approach.

Our purpose is to support your business attain your goals by forming the workplace you need. We want to eliminate any unfair profit-seeking from the industry and persistently emphasis substantial and essential work, not merely the pursuit of profit and growth.

I believe in the reason why and I believe in my purpose, we will help businesses at a fair price we will create relationships that go beyond transactions and change the industry whilst sticking to our core purpose and reasons for starting this journey.