Author: Charlotte Aguirre

Founders Thoughts: A Year of Growth Since Our Rebrand

Founders, Joe and Tomal, share their reflections on the transformative journey of the past year following Soul Spaces rebranding. Joe There is no doubt the last 12 months have been our best and most challenging yet. It feels like the re-brand and the work done by the marketing team since then has really put us… Read more »

Founders Thoughts: Lessons learned from working with start-up founders 

Little Moons London Office Fit Out

One of the best, if not the best, thing about my job is meeting founders and understanding the culture of their business over a compressed period of time.  I have been lucky enough to see big companies like Red Bull and Bumble up close, but since starting Soul Spaces, there are two fast-growing businesses we… Read more »

Embracing Sustainable Office Design

As the world changes at rapid pace, sustainability has become a top priority for businesses across all industries. Sustainable Office Design in London   At Soul Spaces, we are proud to be at the forefront of this movement, revolutionising our corner of the office space industry with a sustainable, green approach.   Recycling to Refresh… Read more »

Soul Spaces, Why, How, Where Next!

  For any venture or idea the why has to be the most important thing. Why we started Soul Spaces? There are a few why’s but I think the key one was we were tired of working for soul-less establishments and thought we could do better and in many ways, we already have. Our google… Read more »

The impact of indoor plants in the workplace

Plants are all around us, in nature, in the cities, and in our homes. For a couple of years now, companies are requesting biophilic areas in their workspaces as independent design assets. From human-sized plants used as spatial dividers to tiny pots to put on meeting tables, indoor plants are not just trendy, they are… Read more »