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Let us save you time and money finding your perfect workplace. From hot-desks to private offices we have all the experience you need.


We provide a 360 service for tenants. We have no ties to landlords and are truly independent, we only represent tenants. This ensures you have transparency throughout the process and clarity on where our loyalties lie.


We use our 10 years of industry knowledge and contact to provide you with the very best options available on the market. Not the most expensive or the most stand out, the options that reflect your brief and business needs.


On average we save our clients 29% on the listed market price of a lease/flexible lease. 15% on their build costs. We are 25% less expensive on our fees than our competitors. We provide 100% quality on service.


Having spent 8 years working for the fastest growing design and build company in London, with the last 4 years working as the MD we have inside knowledge on the relocation process, cost, procurement routes, contacts for the physical move as well as access to the leading design teams in London.

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Why use soul spaces

More time

We allow you to carry on with the important tasks for your business! We take on the heavy lifting allowing you MORE time to do what you’re best at by doing exactly what we’re best at! We understand you are time poor, let us give you some of that precious time back.

More Money

We have saved our clients an average of 20% off of their list price on every transaction. We know the market price, we know what providers are busy and what providers aren’t, who will do a deal and who won’t. MORE money in your bank means more money in the business to spend on your people and what is really important to the leadership team.

More Fun

We work here because it is our passion, we are passionate and fun loving individuals who have come together to build a company that does incredible work whilst having fun doing it. The industry is square, we aren’t, if you want to have fun whilst finding your workplace, as we would say, do it with Soul. Just look at our reviews.


“Tomal from Soul Spaces has given us the very best of customer success.


We were on a lookout for a new office space with a lengthy list of requirements, which isn’t an easy task. They listened, they delivered.”

Eline Henriksen - AI Media
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Account Manager


Account Manager


  For any venture or idea the why has to be the most important thing. Why we started Soul Spaces? There are a few why’s but I think the key one was we were tired of working for soul-less establishments and thought we could do better and in many ways, we already have. Our google… Read more »

Plants are all around us, in nature, in the cities, and in our homes. For a couple of years now, companies are requesting biophilic areas in their workspaces as independent design assets. From human-sized plants used as spatial dividers to tiny pots to put on meeting tables, indoor plants are not just trendy, they are… Read more »