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We are London’s experts in delivering office fit outs for SMEs. No matter how tight the budget and timescale, we deliver with SOUL.

Big dreams, small office?

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“Small” is a relative term, especially in the workspace industry. We define “small” as any project under 5,000 sq. ft. and as we’ve grown we’ve noticed a trend: our competitors have started to overlook projects that fall under this category. 

For us, it’s never been about size, it’s always been about the people. We’re passionate about understanding your unique team, fostering collaboration and designing an inspiring space that fuels their success. No matter the square footage, your people deserve an environment that makes them feel valued and empowered.

Being a small, agile team ourselves gives us an appreciation of your needs. We know how to maximise functionality, optimise flow and even transform existing elements to create a space that feels tailored to your team’s unique identity.

Since 2021, we’ve completed over 50 small office space design and build projects, and each one has been a testament to the power of smart design, personalised solutions and respect for every square inch.

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How much does a small office fit out cost?

Total cost depends on the size and scale of the fit out. For a typical 5000 sq. ft. office, a fit out usually costs in the region of £40 per sq. ft. Check out our client guide for a full breakdown of the costs of your workspace project. 

How long will a small office fit out take?

The length of your office fit out ultimately depends on size and scope. Small office fit out projects typically take 8 weeks: 4 weeks for design and prep, followed by 4 weeks for construction.

Should I get a fit out or relocate?

If your current office checks all the boxes – location, amenities, size and functionality – a fit out could be the ideal solution. Otherwise, it might be time for some Soul Searching. Our dedicated office search team is ready to help you find the best spaces in the market, ensuring you get the best deal. Get in touch now to explore your options.

Why should I choose Soul Spaces as our office fit out partner?

Based in the heart of London, our office fit out team is dedicated to ensuring passionate businesses receive the best value for their workspace projects. To achieve this, we maintain a lean team, collaborate with the best contractors, limit our workload to five projects at a time and focus exclusively on London and its neighboring areas.

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