Maximising value & space for Five by Five at 175 Oxford Street

Office Design
Five by Five

Client: Five by Five
Industry: Advertising
Size: 3,115 sq. ft.
Budget: £70,000
Project: Cat B Fit Out
Location: Oxford Street

As an internationally recognised creative and innovative agency, Five by Five place significant importance on having a workspace that truly reflects their five behavioural pillars: Collaborative, Courageous, Innovative, Resilient and Transparent. A profound understanding of the brand’s essence, clientele and specific spatial requirements was crucial to the successful delivery of this Cat B fit out project.

The Brief 

With exciting growth, Five by Five recognised it was time to move into a more suitable space. They discovered their new London office space location in the heart of the capital’s retail district, Oxford Street, but it required significant work and a touch of soul before it could truly reflect their ideal workspace.

Originally the office space was challenging; limited natural light, dull grey carpeting, blank walls and mostly open space. 

What We Did

Limited natural light was addressed by prioritising collaborative areas, ensuring they were placed in well-lit spaces. To maximise the light flow into the space, we incorporated a transparent meeting room design, allowing ample light to permeate through. 

Instead of using the budget on standard vinyl branding for decor, we decided to invite local artist, Rick Also, to come in and fill the walls with exciting bespoke artwork. This infused the space with a creatively inspiring and motivational vibe, in line with their collaborative and innovative behavioural pillars. Additionally, we left their backside wall as a blank canvas, allowing their Head of Creative to use it as a creative outlet where he painted an incredible London scene.

As an EcoVadis Gold accredited company for the last two years, sustainability was a top priority in the design and implementation. To achieve this, we partnered with Rawside, a London-based furniture company with sustainability at its core. They provided us with beautiful yet simple, ply-edged artisanal pieces that set the tone. We incorporated exciting textures and creatively used biophilia to further enhance the sustainable approach in the final office design.