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We believe your workplace journey should be filled with passion, purpose, and Soul! We are a team of talented and ambitious people who have come together to help other teams find, design and build their perfect workplace.

Being sustainable to us is in our DNA. We believe in using less material where possible, choosing the most sustainable
materials as well as paying it back to the planet. We will advise you throughout the project on what choice is the most sustainable and what furniture and material choices have the smallest carbon footprint.

We also commit to every £200k spent we will offset 20 tonnes of carbon which means this year we will offset 200 tonnes!

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“I would work with them again in a heartbeat!

The team is talented beyond words. I am so in love with our new office space.”

Eve Sherling - Tech Target



We always meet our clients at their current site to understand their needs and fundamentally to see if we as people can work together and enjoy working together. Your workplace is a personal experience, we want to work with people as passionate as we are about their projects. If we have chemistry, we work together.


The magic in what we do. We host and show our clients what we believe is the workplace for them for right now. If you love our ideas, if we are aligned in the vision for your space then this is a huge indicator we should be working together. Design is of course subjective but it is our job to show you what good looks like.


The numbers are key in enabling you to make the decisions you need to make that are best for your people and your business. We will show you detailed costs that are fixed within a 5% limit to your final cost plan. It is our job to specify the right products for your budget and provide you with maximum return on your investment.

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