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Do It With Soul: Dedicated & Transparent Workplace Services

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Updated: May 13th, 2024

Published: April 29, 2024

In the face of anticipated challenges this year, we remained committed to our values and mission. Our approach goes beyond simply making the workplace journey enjoyable; it’s about dedication and transparency to our clients. In this blog, we dive into our latest projects, detailing how we’ve embodied these principles.

Client: Spinnaker Support 

Industry: Software

Location: Moorgate, London

Project Type: Office Search

Size: 12,000 sq. ft.

Spinnaker is a global software services company and is the industry’s highest-rated support services provider for Oracle, SAP and Salesforce enterprise software solutions. We found them their first UK office during our first month of operating as a business. Five years later we continue to support their growth. 

In our latest project with the Spinnaker team, we guided them to 14 Aldermanbury Square, a recently refurbished office space. The space was not quite perfect for Spinnaker and needed a few additional modifications. At the same quality, we were 30% cheaper than our competitor on this project who is a tier 1 contractor. Tier 1 refers to the size of the operation, 100 people+ and longevity in the industry. Due to our background in the industry and our lean business model, we can do these for our clients across the board, we feel proud that we can save our clients money. Our quality of work speaks for itself, our ability to provide a unique 360 service and our focus on our clients, no matter the size of the project really stands out on this project in particular.

Even with managed options, we deliver cost-effective builds. With our expertise and tailored solutions, we navigate various options, ensuring optimal outcomes for our clients. It’s why clients like Spinnaker choose us time and again.

We also invest a significant amount into our existing clients, offering valuable resources like portals, thought leadership and hands-on support. Our genuine connections are fostered over shared moments, like bringing doughnuts to every visit. We really bond with our clients and they with us. I think this is due to our fair costs, our honest approach and giving them the advice we would give our family and friends.

Spinnaker leveraged our extensive network and client portal for a seamless workplace journey. With partners like SMB handling legal matters and Burton-Smith managing removals, our decade-long industry connections ensured clear communication and efficient project execution.

Client: Alicorn VP

Industry: Venture Capital

Location: Old Street, London

Project Type: Soul Spaces 360 – Office Search, Design & Build

Size: 4,000 sq. ft.

Fit out and Furniture Spend: £65,000

Programme: 12 weeks

Alicorn VP, a secondary-led Venture Capital firm, employs a unique investment model blending venture capital with private equity techniques, crafting bespoke deals that spur growth in late-stage companies.

They felt as though the company that had helped with their previous office move was no longer interested in projects under 5,000 sq. ft. We don’t focus on size, we focus on people and projects. We genuinely love helping businesses and people succeed in the workplace world. That is our passion and Soul Spaces was born out of a drive to do that in our own way, less corporate and stuffy, more focused on what matters and of course with soul!

The search was an open search with the client being specific on location but not what type of lease they would take. There was a preference on flex but an ability to commit to 3 years or above if the space was perfect. Alicorn loved our approach to their office search. We made them feel valued, important and had a personal connection throughout the process.

Morelands is a standout building in Old Street. The architecture is so unique and the campus feel inside is rare to find throughout London. When a floor becomes available it doesn’t last for long and we were in competition for the floor. We ensured we stayed calm throughout the negotiation, making our proposal very clear to the landlord and ensuring they were aware of our tenants strengths and why they would be a great tenant for the building. Despite the competition, we were able to secure the space below the listed price and under the client’s overall budget.

The landlords Derwent are renowned for high quality space throughout London and have such spaces as The White Chapel Building, The Featherstone Building and Soho Place, to which we have unique access. 

The space despite being fitted out to a high standard wasn’t perfect, our design and build team stepped in to ensure the space was move-in ready for our tenant. Some companies turn their nose up at a 2-week build process but our focus is not on the size but on the client, our team has built the additional office and improved the AV throughout to ensure the space is perfect for our client.

It is now up to us to support these clients through their next stage of growth. Through ongoing support and insightful content, we nurture lasting partnerships, believing our next significant client is the one we already have. 

Digital Content Manager
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