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From empty shells awaiting transformation to tired spaces in need of love, our office refurbishment team have the right interior design experience to rejuvenate your workplace.


We believe that the look and feel of your workplace drives business success. Your office space interior should reflect the culture you want to build and the talent you want to attract.

Employees deserve a workplace that allows them to do their best work. Our office refurbishment services create this environment. While an office move may be tempting, a refurb can lift your workplace to a higher standard and breathe a new lease of life into your space, at lower cost.

Our team of design experts are always on hand to guide you through the process. We meet our clients on-site to understand their needs and work hard to build an aligned vision for the space. We use sustainable products and materials that will help maximise your return on investment. At every stage of the project we provide detailed breakdowns on cost.

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“I would work with them again in a heartbeat!

The team is talented beyond words. I am so in love with our new office space.”

Eve Sherling - Tech Target
Stylish Office Refurb for Rambert


What is the difference between a fit out and refurbishment?

While an office fit out readies a space for occupation, a refurbishment is the transformation of an existing space. The process can cover simple aesthetic changes, such as painting and decorating or new furniture selection, through to full-scale restructuring of the office layout.

How much does an office refurbishment cost?

Total cost is dependent on the size of the project and scale of the refurbishment. Variables such as the way your team works, whether you need new furniture or if construction is required will impact cost. For a typical 5000 sq. ft office, a refurbishment usually costs in the region of £40 per sq. ft.

Should I refurbish or relocate?

If you’re in a good location, have the right amount of space and your team is happy with their amenities, an in-situ refurbishment is likely preferable to a relocation. Our office space team can talk through what’s available on the market and help you come to a decision that’s right for you.

How long does an office refurbishment take?

The length of a refurbishment depends entirely on the scale of the project. The process can take from 8 to 28 weeks, with that time usually evenly split between design/planning and construction.

What if my space is too big or too small?

Small budgets and awkward projects are often scoffed at in the design and build industry, with competitors placing more value on profit than creating partners. We have experience working with clients large and small. Get in touch to discuss your requirements in more detail.

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