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Faculty AI entrance hallway with breakout and bespoke light manifestation

Office Design
Faculty AI

Client: Faculty AI

Industry: Technology

Location: Old Street, London

Project Type: Office Design

Size: 10,920 sq. ft.

Budget: £245,000

Furniture: £45,000

Faculty, a leader in the field of artificial intelligence, build and deploy safe AI systems to help businesses and organisations achieve exceptional performance. 

They turned to us to design and build their newly found office space in Old Street. They envisioned a workspace that captured their brand essence, catered to specific security and technological needs and provided an inspiring environment for diverse work styles. The project took 4 weeks on site and was completed on time with an overwhelmingly positive review.

Designing with a Purpose

Our collaboration with a brand integration company allowed us to dive deep into Faculty’s brand and the history of AI. This exploration was essential in translating Faculty’s unique message into a tangible workspace. We then worked with local and national trades to create one-off installation pieces that really give the space its unique vibe. 

One of the project’s crucial aspects was ensuring a safe space for Faculty’s servers and technologies. We expanded the comms room and ran an entirely new data infrastructure throughout the space. The timely coordination and execution of these works were vital to the project’s success. All milestones and timelines were met. 

Fostering Collaboration

At the core of Faculty’s new workspace is a vibrant breakout area, complete with a pool table, the Pyzza bar and table tennis, providing team members with an enticing space to gather, collaborate and bond outside work hours. Versatility was key to the office design, accommodating various work styles. It integrates libraries, quiet zones, team areas and hot desking zones within a single wing of the office. These spaces are thoughtfully defined with soft divides, hard divides and clear behavioural guides which were implemented in a design led way.