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New 110 Wigmore Street, London Office Entrance for The NSFO
360 Office Search, Design & Build
The Narotam Sekhsaria Family Office

Client: The Narotam Sekhsaria Family Office

Industry: Family Office / Private Equity

Location: Mayfair, London 

Project Type: Soul Spaces 360 –

Office Search & Workspace Design 

Size: 1,921 sq. ft. 

Spend: £230,000

The Narotam Sekhsaria Family Office (NSFO), one of India’s leading business families, entrusted Soul Spaces with the complete journey of their London office transformation. 

From finding the perfect office space to negotiating, designing and building, we took charge and crafted a bespoke office workspace solution that seamlessly blended family values with corporate functionality.

The Brief

The NSFO needed a 2,000 sq. ft London office with 5-6 executive offices, meeting rooms and a manned reception. Serviced and managed options didn’t fit their specific requirements, leading our team to explore tailored leased options.

The Office Search

By leveraging our 360 property search and office design services, we negotiated a 50% fee reduction, offering true value to the NSFO. 

After exploring several prime locations, including Marylebone, Mayfair, St. James, Paddington and Fitzrovia, we discovered the perfect space at 110 Wigmore Street. Through skillful negotiations on the headline rent and rent-free period, we secured the 110 Wigmore Street space at a remarkable all-inclusive monthly rate of £17,000. This substantial cost-saving unlocked a larger budget to customise the space, allowing the NSFO to create the perfect home for the business.

Design and Build

Our design approach aimed to seamlessly merge family values with corporate functionality, crafting a neutral, timeless and contemporary space that reflected the NSFO’s personality while fulfilling their professional needs. The use of natural textures, such as timber flooring and joinery, added warmth and charm, transforming the initial generic office into a welcoming haven. We ingeniously integrated biophilic elements throughout, creating a homely and green ambiance that resonated with the NSFO’s core values.

For the cherry on the cake, we closely collaborated with Sagal Group, who were able to curate a beautiful furniture solution that complemented the natural, contemporary interior.


The NSFO’s office search and design journey with Soul Spaces showcases the true value of our comprehensive services. From the procurement of their London office to the seamless office search and design process, they enjoyed a remarkable 50% reduction in fees, significant rental cost savings through skillful negotiations and a bespoke workspace reflecting their unique identity. 

Key Benefits Realised by the NSFO with Soul Spaces’ 360 office search, design and build services:

  • Cost savings: By entrusting Soul Spaces, using the multiple service lines offered, the NSFO enjoyed a remarkable 50% reduction in fees, providing significant cost savings.
  • Skillful negotiations for Rental Savings: Our team’s negotiation skills resulted in substantial rental cost savings, maximising the NSFO’s budget for customising their ideal workspace.
  • Bespoke solutions with holistic approach: Our 360 services provided tailored leased options and a seamless process, saving time and creating a soulful workspace that perfectly reflected the NSFO’s unique identity.