Finding Office Space at Gilmoora House, Langham Estates for BBC
BBC Gilmoora House Office Tea Point
Office Search

Client: BBC

Industry: Media

Location: Gilmoora House – Langham Estates, London 

Project Type: Office Search

Size: 20 Desks

As the world’s leading public service broadcaster, the BBC’s commitment to delivering exceptional content is unmatched. Seeking an environment that resonates with their creative spirit, the BBC approached Soul Spaces to help find an office space for their drama and production team away from their main HQ. 

Harmonising Creativity and Tranquility

Through meticulous consideration of their team’s needs, we embarked on three rounds of viewings to pinpoint the ideal location. Our partnership with BBC involved understanding their distinct requirements and weaving them into the fabric of our search.

Among the numerous options, Gilmoora House emerged as the definitive choice. With its quiet yet creative atmosphere, it presented itself as the perfect space for BBC’s drama and production team. 

Unlocking Savings and Value

Soul Spaces’ expertise in negotiations helps secure a remarkable 22% reduction from the list price for a 12-month term at Gilmoora House. Our dedication to ensuring optimal value for our clients led us to this impressive achievement, resulting in substantial cost savings for the BBC.