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Spinnaker Support

Client: Spinnaker Support

Industry: Technology – Software

Location: Moorgate, London

Project Type: Soul Spaces 360 – Office Search & Workspace Design

Size: 3,000 sq. ft.

Spinnaker Support, a valued repeat client, reached out to us as their current building was shutting down. They needed a new office space that could not only accommodate their growing team but also provide a cohesive HQ feel, something their existing bitty configuration lacked. They required a bespoke solution with additional meeting rooms and focus booths to support their expansion from 12 desks initially to 25 desks within two years.

Our primary objective was to save Spinnaker Support time and money while delivering a premium office space that met all their requirements. We conducted a detailed search, leveraging our expertise in the city fringe area (from Blackfriars to Shoreditch), and presented Spinnaker with tailored options that aligned perfectly with their brief.

We identified Aldermanbury Square as the optimal location. This space provided the HQ feel Spinnaker desired and offered a self-contained environment. However, it lacked the necessary configuration of two additional meeting rooms and a focus booth. We seamlessly integrated these bespoke elements into the design, ensuring the space was tailored to their needs.

Through our strategic negotiation, we secured significant cost savings for Spinnaker Support:

  • Achieved a headline rent of £17k per month, £5k cheaper than the option they had found themselves.
  • Secured £60k in rent-free periods, saving them substantial upfront costs.
  • Delivered a bespoke fit out at 1/3 the cost compared to other fit out companies, resulting in overall savings of £180k over three years.

Our deep understanding of the city fringe market, strong relationships with local agents and ability to deliver bespoke solutions made us the perfect partner for Spinnaker Support. By avoiding the traditional route of separate agents and fit out companies, we saved them time and money, all while providing a premium office space tailored to their needs.