Author: Francel Bangayan

Do It With Soul: Dedicated & Transparent Workplace Services

In the face of anticipated challenges this year, we remained committed to our values and mission. Our approach goes beyond simply making the workplace journey enjoyable; it’s about dedication and transparency to our clients. In this blog, we dive into our latest projects, detailing how we’ve embodied these principles. Client: Spinnaker Support  Industry: Software Location:… Read more »

The Strategic Business Guide to Your Office Space Budget in 2024

Navigating the fast-paced business landscape demands careful budgeting and planning, especially when it comes to key expenditures like your office space. As teams return to in-office work, a well-planned budget ensures your workspace is fit for purpose and offers a solid return on investment. Your office is not only a physical site; it mirrors your… Read more »

The Future of Work: Exploring the Benefits of Office Pods

In the constantly developing world of the modern workplace, innovative solutions are continuously being pursued to enhance productivity, collaboration and overall employee satisfaction. One solution that has gained traction in recent years is the use of office pods. These compact, soundproof workspaces offer a private and focused environment within the bustling office setting, providing employees… Read more »

Founders Thoughts: Workplace Trends for 2024

Staying ahead of the latest workplace trends is crucial in fostering a productive work environment and a satisfied team. As societal dynamics evolve, so does our interaction with the built environment. To initiate your workplace journey, we highlight our three key observations and workplace trends for 2024. Less Is More Over the last few years,… Read more »

Office Relocation Made Easy: The Ultimate Office Move Checklist

Moving office can be a significant investment as well as a complex task, but with careful planning and a comprehensive checklist, you can ensure a smooth and successful transition for your team. This guide will walk you through every step, from the initial considerations to move-in day and beyond.   Contemplating the Office Move  … Read more »

Creating a Home Away From Home: Breakout Area Design Ideas

As people return to the office or embrace hybrid work, creating a ‘home away from home’ within your office space is essential to employee well-being and satisfaction. Breakout areas, once a luxury, are now a necessity, influencing work culture and attracting talent. Beyond offering a comforting vibe reminiscent of home, these areas serve as hubs… Read more »

Modern Conference and Meeting Room Design Ideas For Your Office

Attensi London Office Fit Out

An essential part of your office are your conference and meeting rooms. These spaces act as central hubs where your team comes together to collaborate, generate ideas and accomplish tasks. Additionally, they serve as dedicated spaces for crucial discussions with clients and stakeholders. Here are our top modern meeting room design ideas for 2024! Agile… Read more »

Embracing an Industrial Office Design Aesthetic

The industrial design aesthetic has become very popular in the world of workplace design. This growth in popularity can be credited to various factors, including the resurgence of minimalism across design sectors, the need for sustainable practices in response to environmental concerns and a societal appreciation for a nostalgic ‘vintage’ vibe.  In this blog, we… Read more »