Author: Tom Eperjesi

Neighbourhood Know-How: Farringdon & Clerkenwell

The sun threatened to finally make an appearance last weekend, so we decided to take our camera down to our home and stomping ground, Farringdon and Clerkenwell. Soul Spaces HQ has been based out of Bleeding Heart Yard in Farringdon for over two years now and we’ve loved every minute of our time here. Not… Read more »

Five Reasons to Choose Office Space in Southwark

Oft-overlooked Southwark is a fantastic place to base yourself and your business in London. Having placed a number of clients in the borough recently, here are our top five reasons to search for office space in Southwark.   1. Location   SE1 allows you to sit just outside the city on a day-to-day basis but… Read more »

Our USPs Explained: People Over Profit

In this post our co-founder, Joe, discusses the values that are driving Soul Spaces forward. Profit isn’t a dirty word, it’s essential to any business.  Profit allows us to fulfil our true purpose. At Soul Spaces, profit helps us to build people’s careers, present opportunities where others wouldn’t and offer clients a genuine alternative in… Read more »

What Good Office Design Looks Like

Little Moons New Office Tea Point

We have all experienced good design and gone on to tell others how “good” our experience was. But for many it is difficult to articulate what good design is. 

Social Responsibility: Our Next Three Steps

We’re constantly mindful of our social impact and how we can improve our footprint and legacy.  As a young business, naturally our time is stretched and constant reprioritisation can mean important things are pushed to the side due to… other important things…  As we are growing and our impact becomes more obvious, the time has… Read more »

Our USPs Explained: Passionate About Business

In this post our co-founder, Joe, discusses the values that are driving Soul Spaces forward. — We really are passionate about enterprise, entrepreneurs and business in general.  As an owner-led business, we’re still hands-on with growing our brand and nurturing our team. I suppose it gives us a real empathy for those who are doing… Read more »

Three things we’ve learnt designing office space for charities

In this post our co-founder Joe shares his insight on designing the perfect office space for foundations and charities.   1. Design without limits, then design again   Budget is of course a restraint on projects and life! That said, it shouldn’t shape a project entirely. Working with charities who naturally want to use their… Read more »

Consolidating East London office space for TPXimpact

In this article our co-founder Tomal explains how we used our experience in the East London office space market to find the perfect new environmentally-friendly home for our client TPXimpact.   Setting the scene   With over 500 staff members spread across the UK, TPXimpact faced the same tough questions and decisions that many enterprise businesses… Read more »

What is Cat A office space and what are the benefits?

When starting the process of finding new office space, there’s a chance you’ll hear a fair bit of industry jargon.  If you’ve reached the stage of discussing and deciding on an office fit out, there are two main types: Cat A and Cat B. In this article we look in more detail at what Cat… Read more »