360 Office Search, Design & Build

Client: Splendid 

Industry: Media

Location: The Old Dairy – Old Street, London 

Project Type: Soul Spaces 360 – Office Search & Workplace Design

Size: 5,000 sq. ft.

Fit Out Budget: £125,000

Furniture: £35,000

At the crossroads of creativity and impact, Splendid Communications crafts work that resonates culturally and commercially. With a people-first ethos and a mission to connect brands with real lives, they chose the Soul Spaces team to find and create a workspace that mirrored their vibrant and innovative spirit.

Discovering the Ideal Location

Our journey started with a shared vision: to find the perfect location. Our office search team quickly guided Splendid to The Old Dairy at Old Street. Its industrial charm, high ceilings, and authentic ambiance matched Splendid’s energy.

The Challenge

The challenge was to translate this industrial charm into a functional and inspiring workspace that catered to Splendid’s unique needs. Guided by Splendid’s vision, we began a transformational journey.

Designing Innovation 

Our mission was to maximise natural light, carve out versatile meeting spaces, and curate a lively atmosphere. The DJ booth, an emblem of their creativity, found its place in the heart of the office. With 118 workstations strategically placed across the floorplate, our design aimed to foster a sense of collaboration and community.

Our design choices were intentional, blending rich walnut desktops and deep tones to counterbalance the industrial backdrop. The addition of plants and natural materials created a harmonious atmosphere. Removing solid partitions in favor of glazed ones introduced a fluidity that echoed Splendid’s ethos.

Optimising Impact

Working within a strict budget, we collaborated closely with Splendid to make the most of every pound. Beyond the design, our partnership was built on trust and open communication, resulting in an office design that not only met their needs but also exceeded their expectations.

The Power of Collaboration

Splendid’s journey was a testament to the power of collaboration and innovation. The Old Dairy, now a vibrant hub of creativity, stands as a tribute to their passion and our shared commitment to excellence.