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How many contractors do you need for an office move?

Updated: October 3rd, 2023

Published: July 20, 2023

Finding your next London office space may seem simple enough. You’ll likely employ two main contractors who will shape the process and end product, however there are other contractors you will need to employ along the way. 

First, of course you should employ a tenant rep (us!) to find and negotiate your next workplace. During this process you will meet and work with a workplace design and build contractor (hopefully us again!). 

In addition, there five other types of contractor who you may need to consider as part of your workplace journey: 




The best audio visual solutions are designed early as part of the construction phase and are well thought through. The worst solutions are left to the last minute and end up being rushed. 

Today, getting audio visual performance correct, with easy-to-use functionality is integral to office design. Specialist AV consultants are worth exploring to make sure everything is in order.

We recommend MVS Audio Visual who provide design and installation of high quality AV solutions, bespoke to the needs of your business.




Even if you are buying “all” new, it’s likely you will have some items to take over from your current office to your new one. 

Folders, furniture, printers, plants! Whatever it may be, you will need the help of a removal contractor. Whilst their works aren’t complex, they are time critical so tying removals up early and accurately is key to a successful move. 

Our preferred supplier is Burton & Smith, who have been providing specialist removal services in London since 1977.




With the new office move underway it can often be a good idea to also review your IT set-up. It may be time to make a change, a tweak or an overhaul. 

If you don’t have an IT team managing your internet line, you may need to employ someone to do so. 

You’ll need a comms rack, a UPS, a firewall, perhaps CCTV and maybe docking stations and screens for everyone. These are all important to get right. High achieving employees want to feel like athletes, everything is looked after for them and they just need to turn up and everything works. Easier said than done. 

We enjoy working with Office Ready Tech who environment that attract employees into the office and enhance their everyday technology experience.




You may have an in-house legal team who are used to looking at supplier contracts or a particular type of law. The team may feel confident enough to move into the real estate realm but it’s possible they won’t. 

Most companies under 50 people won’t have in-house legal council anyway. If this applies to you, you’ll definitely need to employ a solicitor to ensure you get the best terms on your new property lease. The solicitors are the ones who close out the deal so picking a good one and putting time aside to work with them will be worth it in the end. 

Simons Muirhead Burton cater both to start-up businesses looking for professional guidance as they step up to the next level and to substantial businesses as they expand both in the UK and internationally.




Yes, some fit out contractors have an in-house furniture arm or perhaps dabble in selection themselves. If they don’t — and even if they do — we think it is worth meeting alternative furniture brokers to discuss the project, product choices, personalities, warranties etc. 

We are undertaking a real drive for sustainability in our projects with an emphasis on avoidance of harmful plastics. These ethics are important to us and we want to work with like minded companies on furniture selection. Perhaps you do too! 

Hunters offer excellent furniture consultancy, taking time to understand your culture and vision for the workplace.

For further recommendations and discussion, reach out to us here

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