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Embracing an Industrial Office Design Aesthetic

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Published: January 15, 2024

The industrial design aesthetic has become very popular in the world of workplace design. This growth in popularity can be credited to various factors, including the resurgence of minimalism across design sectors, the need for sustainable practices in response to environmental concerns and a societal appreciation for a nostalgic ‘vintage’ vibe. 

In this blog, we delve into the key features of industrial office design, offering inspiration from our own projects and guiding you to discover existing industrial-style workspaces in London.

What Characsterises an Industrial Office Design?


While embracing streamlined design and minimal accessories, the industrial office look is defined by these key characteristics:

Neutral Colour Palette

Industrial spaces utilise a spectrum of whites, greys, blacks, and neutral tones of brown. While this colour palette may, on its own, emit a cold aura, we view it as a perfect foundation for creating contrast through your brand colours and designs, furniture, art deco and biophilia.

Industrial Office Space Aesthetic Colour Palette

Embrace Natural Light

Industrial office design often incorporates large windows with black panes, sometimes arranged in a grid pattern, to maximise natural light. In cases where existing buildings lack this feature, an alternative is to ensure that whatever natural light is available freely permeates the space. This can be achieved through features like an open spatial design, glazed meeting rooms and soft partitions.

Glazed Office Meeting Rooms

Highlight Architectural Materials

Open floor plans, high ceilings and the presence of exposed brick, concrete floors, industrial pipes and visible ductwork define industrial spaces, diverging from the conventional use of drywall, wallpaper and ceiling panels. These design elements offer three significant advantages. Firstly, the open floor plan promotes a collaborative environment where movement and speech can fluidly move through the space. By leaving mechanical and electrical services exposed, you save on costs and time for materials and labour. Additionally, exposed features and high ceilings create the impression of a larger space, producing a fresh ambiance.

Industrial Office Aesthetic - Exposed Architectural Details

Repurposed Materials

Integrating repurposed elements, like wooden furniture with castor wheels, bookshelves crafted from reclaimed materials and preloved tables and chairs, introduces a natural touch to the predominantly concrete and metal-heavy materials. These elements not only helps in cost savings but also aligns with a more environmentally conscious approach.

These key characteristics contribute to making the most of what you already have, highlighting your space’s personality and history. They add authenticity and calmness to the environment, creating a simple yet genuine atmosphere.


Mixing Modern and Vintage Aesthetics


Mixing modern and vintage aesthetics in an industrial office space is a design concept that brings uniqueness and style to your workspace. Here are some key elements to consider:

Lighting Fixtures

Warehouse-inspired lighting adds a touch of vintage charm and practicality to your industrial office space aesthetic. Think pendant lights with concrete and metallic finishes, either singularly showcased or arranged in a decorative cluster. The interplay of vintage and contemporary elements in your lighting choices can set the tone for a dynamic and visually appealing workspace.

Industrial Office Aesthetic Lighting

If you’re looking to introduce contrast and tell a unique story, consider incorporating bespoke lighting fixtures. These fixtures can be more than sources of light; they can embody your company’s narrative and character. 

Bespoke Lighting Fixtures for Office

Furniture Selection

Selecting the right furniture is crucial in achieving a harmonious industrial aesthetic. Incorporate a mix of contemporary and classic pieces, balancing functionality with style. Vintage-inspired coffee tables, shelving and storage units can coexist seamlessly with modern workstations, creating an eclectic and inviting atmosphere. Pay attention to materials, colours and textures to strike the perfect balance.

Vintage Office Furniture

Branding & Art Deco

Branding elements and Art Deco touches can elevate the overall aesthetic of your workspace. Integrate your company’s branding through graphic vinyls, murals, or branded manifestations strategically placed within the office. When it comes to Art Deco, consider incorporating elements like geometric patterns, bold colors, and sleek finishes. These subtle yet impactful details can contribute to the unique and authentic feel of your workspace.

Office Space Branding and Art Decoration Design

In all these areas – lighting, furniture curation, branding and Art Deco – we encourage our clients to embrace uniqueness. By challenging traditional norms and opting for distinctive choices, you’ll end up with a workspace that not only reflects your brand but also stands out as a one-of-a-kind and authentic environment.

Industrial Office Space in London 


If you’re on the hunt for an industrial-inspired office space in London, consider exploring the vibrant East London, especially around Shoreditch or Old Street! Shoreditch, a renowned creative hub, boasts a hip and trendy atmosphere. Developers have preserved the area’s authentic vibe, featuring office spaces with charming elements like exposed brick facades, high ceilings and large windows. This industrial charm reflects East London’s rich history tied to the industrial revolution, hosting textile factories, shipbuilding, engineering, brewing and more. Discover the perfect blend of history and innovation by exploring a new office space in Shoreditch!

Shoreditch Industrial Style Office Space
Digital Content Manager

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