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Nathan’s Journey at Soul Spaces

Updated: May 22nd, 2023

Published: January 29, 2023

Nathan has been with Soul Spaces right from the start. He has grown with the business and is very much a solid foundation within the team.  We wanted to dig a little deeper into Nathan, his career progression and growth within Soul Spaces, here is what he had to say.

What did you do before you joined Soul Spaces?

Before Soul Spaces, I worked for one of the biggest recruitment firms in the world and was part of their digital marketing team for their UK operations, so it allowed me to gain experience in SEO and building websites. After a career in digital marketing, I decided to go traveling to Southeast Asia which led me to become a tour guide in Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia and Japan. This was a great experience as I gained lots of skills which have super valuable to career as an account manager at Soul Spaces!

What made you want to join the Soul Space team?

Joe and Tomal told me about their vision for Soul Spaces and the potential for me within the company, and I was convinced from the get-go that I wanted to be part of this company. Also, the role of business development and account management is in line with my qualities and passions, and that is meeting and connecting with people as well as providing a service of value.

You have been with Soul Spaces from the start, how has your role developed over the years?

I initially started as a business development exec, reaching out to businesses to see if we can assist with their office space needs. My responsibilities has continued to grow and change as I develop at SS. My current responsibilities include business development, account management, CRM manager and networker. Each role has allowed me to contribute to Soul Spaces in many ways.

Soul Spaces is growing and so is your role, what parts of your role do you love?

I love the interaction, I love the drive, I love the ups, and even learned to love the downs because I’ve learnt so much from them. But to be more specific, I enjoy strengthening our relationships with potentially new clients as well as our current clients. It feels great to contribute to other companies success by finding them a space that meets their requirement and saves them money as well as keeping in tune with the market.

What do you get out of working for Soul Spaces?

Constant development, constant learning, constant progression. I’ve been given an opportunity to be as successful as possible – without being cliched – “the sky’s the limit here”

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