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Building on shared cultural values for Sophie Macpherson

Published: July 3, 2023


Sophie Macpherson are a headhunting business, enlisting candidates for the best jobs within the arts world, from London to New York. 

The team needed an office design and build company who would keep control of costs, maximise value and create something modern. We did just that. 


“Our new office has given us a new energy.”


Working with the Sophie Macpherson team was easy as we shared some of the same cultural beliefs:

   –   Work hard and have fun 

   –   Choose value over cost 

   –   Keep it simple 

The whole process and end product embodies these beliefs. The final product is one to be proud of and the feedback speaks for itself: 

“It’s not that the old office was bad, the new one is just better. Better looking and better functionally. It really supports our day to day activities and has provided our team with a new energy.”


If you’re thinking through an office move, it’s never too early to talk. 

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