Project Q&A – The Kite Factory

The Kite Factory came to us to re-work their existing London office space. The space was a pre-covid workplace and needed amplifying and modernising to suit the needs for a post-covid world.

The purpose of the office had changed for the team and the new design had to provide the right spaces for how the teams now wanted to work.


  • Client: The Kite Factory
  • Soul Team: Joe, Demet, Boaz
  • Size: 7,000Sqft
  • Timeline: 5 Weeks build process
  • Budget: £110k

How were you introduced to the client? 

We were recommended by a third party who believed we would be the best fit for the works required. The Kite Factory wanted a partner who would be passionate about the project and approach it with energy.

What does the client do?

The Kite Factory enhance reach, reputation and revenue by giving brands the best in heart, art and science.  They love working with clients who want to make an impact and have strong brand stories, so we had a lot of synergy around this.

Was there anything unique the client requested?

The client was keen to use the office as a way of getting messages across. Their values, their events, their purpose. As they were seeing each other less due to the WFH practices, it became more important to use the office as a platform to get their messages across.  We removed 40 desks and re-purposed this space with collaboration zones, drop in areas, call booths and additional meeting spaces, as well as installing a movie screen, backlit signs and modern cork finishes to enable the client to do get their company messages across.

How long did the project take from conception to completion?

The office fit-out process took around 4 months from first meet to handover.

The client gave you a five star review, why do you believe that’s the case?

Demet, Boaz and I have a humility that means we are always willing to serve! We work hard, we believe we are in a service driven world and the client is always king or queen! We love the feeling at the end of the project, a client walking the space or showing their peers what they have done, we strive to ensure every project has a happy ending!

Why did the client choose to work with you?

We showed soul! We were quick to respond, showed real interest in the project and wanted to make a difference to their space and for their people. We have a genuine interest and passion for the workplace and that came across from day one.

Can you describe the design in five words?

Modern. Collaborative. Purposeful. Diverse. Fresh.