Social Responsibility: Our Next Three Steps

We’re constantly mindful of our social impact and how we can improve our footprint and legacy. 

As a young business, naturally our time is stretched and constant reprioritisation can mean important things are pushed to the side due to… other important things… 

As we are growing and our impact becomes more obvious, the time has come to push social responsibility to the top of our to-do list and start making a plan of action. We have set ourselves three very clear next steps.


1 – Specify the Right Materials 


We have employed a textiles graduate to really guide us and spend time researching which products and providers are truly sustainable and eco-friendly. 

We don’t think carbon offsetting is enough and that’s speaking from experience! It is part of the solution but there is so much more to do. 

We have set a four week timeline to have a refined list of products we should be encouraging clients to use. If they cost more, we are willing to look at our own margin to make these work, we think it’s that important. 


2- To B Corp or Not to B Corp 


We have been approached by various individuals willing to give us a baseline review of our carbon output and suggestions on how to improve our performance and impact. Is this enough? If we do this and live to the principles set, that’s a pretty good start. 

That said, the B Corp network and management makes me feel nervous! We don’t have masses of time and I am conscious of the pressure it may add to the business! 

By the end of August we will have made a decision on the way forward. If you have any advice, please send it through!! 


3 – Our Charity of Choice 


We have been lucky enough to work with two charities, Bart’s and Haig Housing. We have donated to both after completing projects for them. We have also supported Tackle Africa and various ad-hoc charities along our journey as a business. 

I think the time has come for us to dedicate our support on an annual basis to a charity of choice. There are so many great charitable causes it is hard to choose! 

We have a team of runners and as a business can financially pledge regular support and time. 

By the end of the month; we will have made that decision and commitment.