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The impact of indoor plants in the workplace

Updated: May 30th, 2023

Published: April 23, 2023

Plants are all around us, in nature, in the cities, and in our homes. For a couple of years now, companies are requesting biophilic areas in their workspaces as independent design assets.

From human-sized plants used as spatial dividers to tiny pots to put on meeting tables, indoor plants are not just trendy, they are also improving our health conditions. Multiple studies have shown that plants reduce stress and anxiety, improve our mood, diminish fatigue, improve office performance, and minimise the occurrence of headaches by improving air quality! As a designer, it’s also the “final touch” in the last stage of office fit-out, we can match the colour pots to the wall finishes, bring energy to an empty corner of a room, and generally bring life to the space.

If you are keen on adding some biophilic elements to your spaces, we are always recommending the brand Patch Plants which displays a vast range of amazing species and offers a next-day delivery!

Author: Clara Chanel, Designer

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