What Good Office Design Looks Like

We have all experienced good design and gone on to tell others how “good” our experience was. But for many it is difficult to articulate what good design is. 

So when it comes to office space, what makes good design good? Our co-founder Joe offers his thoughts below.

Natural light for the people… and the plants


Natural light is an energiser and mood setter. It does these two things better than any artificial lighting possibly could. 

When you walk around any space, an array of natural light, large windows and a clear connection to the outside gives a feeling of calm that is difficult to recreate otherwise. 

People need natural light and plants do too. We both thrive when we have it in abundance. The WELL Building Standard has promoted natural light for a long time and most design companies are now picking up on it. 

Plants inside really do help too; it is most definitely a trend right now but that doesn’t matter. They improve air quality, they are visually appealing and they provide another connection to the outside that the inside needs.

Organised and Chaotic


Not organised chaos, but a space that is both chaotic and organised.

Spaces need organisation and flow. Where coats should go, what a visitor’s journey is, where the lockers are. This should all be organised. Without it, office spaces fall to pieces pretty quickly. But you need chaos too — “good” spaces have an element of this.

Meeting rooms should encourage people to walk around and scribble ideas. Collaboration zones should encourage loud conversations and have TVs, whiteboards, drinks fridges. Whatever the team may need to give it a sense of freedom and get to the breakthrough moment.

I feel too many spaces are organised well but don’t encourage the chaos. Chaos, when harnessed, can be a game changer. A fun zone. A table you are allowed to dance on. Psychologically, this frees people up and helps them to generate their best ideas a little quicker.

Inspirational and Aspirational




When either an employee or a visitor walks through an office, their exposure to the elements of the workplace should be purposeful. Both journeys should be crafted with intention.

I want to see your awards. I want to see your work. I want to see your clients. I want to feel inspired to work with you. This is what a space should be doing to people. 

We had a client who wasn’t bothered by their awards over the last 30 years of business or their journey to this point in time, your story is all you have and how you tell it should inspire anyone who listens to it, this applies just as much for your workplace design.




A workplace and its fit out should feel aspirational too. It should feel like an office others want to work in or a place where success happens. 

I understand these things aren’t the easiest to articulate via design but it is possible. We work with various artists, graphic designers and brand integrators who contribute to the physical design of the space and make these ideas tangible. 

You can feel it, it is a sensory experience. Whether it’s one wall, four walls or one unique piece of art, we would always recommend you go for it. It’s these details that make a space special and indeed inspire and aspire.

We use Patch Plants, Motive and Ricky Also to help us turn these ideas to real life.

If you’re looking for inspiration or help redesigning your office, get in touch to find out how we can help breathe life into your space!