Workplace Trends for 2024

Digital Content Manager

Staying ahead of the latest workplace trends is crucial in fostering a productive work environment and a satisfied team. As societal dynamics evolve, so does our interaction with the built environment. To initiate your workplace journey, we highlight our three key observations and workplace trends for 2024.

Less Is More

Over the last few years, we have seen clients take less office space. The average sq. ft. per person within the business is no longer 100 sq. ft.! With the introduction of hybrid working our clients are looking for offices that cater for around 60% of the workforce.

The caveat to this is that they are willing to spend more or just as much on the space. Our clients want their office space to be brilliant. When their teams do visit the office, it should feel like a positive experience from the moment they enter.

Retail not Residential

For years residential and hospitality have shaped office design. We are seeing a real move away from this and a direct movement toward retail spaces. Retail has become a leader in the direction of how physical space should be used.

Interactive experiences, trials, smells, premium installations, free coffee, warmth, good vibes, good lighting, being ‘Instagrammable’ and going viral! Workplaces are following suit. How do we give our 100 visitors a week the best possible experience and a reason to visit again? That’s the question businesses should be asking themselves.

Focused Functional Spaces

With tenants taking less space overall, each space now has a real function and focus. We have seen tenants with a higher desire for each space to fulfill a real purpose in the office. A round table meeting, a quiet zone, meeting room suites, other than circulation space, every space must fulfill a high-value purpose that serves the business.

However, every business is unique, these trends are just a snapshot of what’s currently popular and are great starting points. In 2023, we’ve realised the value of thinking outside the box, trying new things and embracing unique ideas. At Soul Spaces, we thrive on breaking away from the status quo and creating spaces where YOU truly belong. 

If you’re considering an office move or fit out this year, we’d love to connect, have a chat and get to know you, your business and your team. Even if it doesn’t lead to anything substantial, spending a bit of time for a pleasant conversation and connecting is good enough for us!