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Your Sustainable Office Space Options in London

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Published: November 29, 2023

Over 6 million sq. ft. of commercial property in Canary Wharf faces a significant challenge as recent data reveals a shortfall in meeting environmental property standards. Proposed regulations specify that all commercial properties must achieve energy performance certificate (EPC) ratings of A, B, or C by 2027 and exclusively A or B ratings by 2030. Not meeting these standards will make it illegal for landlords to lease their properties.

As these regulations come into play, businesses in offices falling short of these standards may face relocation or temporary operation without an office during necessary upgrades. This news is just part of the bigger picture – the built environment contributes to 36% of global energy consumption and almost 40% of CO2 emissions. With the climate crisis intensifying, sustainable office design becomes increasingly crucial in achieving global net-zero targets.


What are the benefits of a sustainable office space? 


Beyond the clear environmental advantages, sustainable office spaces offer a range of benefits. While initial costs may seem higher, long-term savings result from reduced energy, waste, material, water and labor expenses, minimising both strategic and operational risks. This not only enhances profitability but also elevates reputation and image.

Check out our recent article ‘The Future of Office Space is Green’ for a more in-depth exploration of the benefits of sustainable office spaces and how to identify them. 


2024: The Year to Turn Green? 


As the new year approaches, businesses have a great opportunity to reevaluate their workspaces. This involves checking the energy ratings, assessing alignment with business and team needs and ensuring the space remains a desirable workplace for employees. If not, perhaps it’s time for a bit of Soul Searching.

Below are a just a number of B Corp certificated sustainable offices in London selected by the Soul Spaces Search team.

Express Interest in Work.Life Farringdon

Express Interest in x+why People’s Mission Hall

Express Interest in Second Home Clerkenwell Green

Express Interest in Uncommon Borough

Digital Content Manager

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