A Year of Growth Since Our Rebrand

Digital Content Manager

Founders, Joe and Tomal, share their reflections on the transformative journey of the past year following Soul Spaces rebranding.


There is no doubt the last 12 months have been our best and most challenging yet. It feels like the re-brand and the work done by the marketing team since then has really put us on the London real estate map so to speak. It no longer feels like we are under the radar! Under the new brand we have completed projects the biggest players in our industry would be proud of. UBT was a substantial size tenant rep project and fee, Faculty AI was a unique fit-out project in prime real estate in Old Street, I have no doubt our brand played a part in getting those opportunities. Of course it was our people who went on to then deliver the projects and our people are undoubtedly simply the best. Our brand is still very symbolic of us, you either “get it” and love it or you move on to one of our less adventurous competition.

The people that love it seem to become friends, advocates of our mission and supporters of our business. Therefore the branding and marketing investment has paid itself off and much much more. Our mission has always been the same, to create an alternative, more diverse and more SOUL-ful tenant rep and design and build company. Providing tenants with the level of service and dedication they deserve, no matter the size of the project whilst providing our people with professional opportunities they may not otherwise have been provided.

So one year one, we can look back and celebrate some success but, there is so much more left to do and unfortunately for everyone else in our market, we have more energy than ever, we have the bit between our teeth and a mission that is unwavering.’


‘What a year it has been, we worked so hard to create a new and original brand for our industry and the feedback from clients, partners and even competitors has been humbling. The brand reflects who we are as a company and I would like to thank everyone for the support and love that has been to Soul Spaces over the last year.

We have an exciting year ahead but one of the big challenges now for us as a company is how do we build on the brand?

We have some pretty exciting ideas, watch this space!’