Fit-out Cost

What should your office fit out cost? Well it depends on a lot of variables.

  • How do your teams work?
  • Do you work in an open plan setting?
  • Do you need offices for executives?
  • What are your power requirements?
  • Do you have existing furniture?

All of these are key questions in finding out how much your office should cost. Have you also thought about asking what profit margin your contractor is making? What additional value do they bring? And asking yourself what margin you are happy for them to make.

One of the key reasons I wanted to stat twenty twenty London Office Design was because I was sick of clients being told they couldn’t have what they wanted because of the drive for unfair profits.

Its highly likely you could have had the product you wanted but the company you were working with wanted to mark up the product by 50%.

I wanted to create a different way that shows transparency and clear sight on the process throughout. Creating partnerships so clients can get real value for their money and trust who they are working with. No cloak and daggers, no games, a working relationship where they see the value In us and support our business by agreeing what profit is fair for us to make on their project.

Many will tell you your fit out will cost £50+ per sqft but it’s possible to do so at around £25 as a base level. I would suggest starting the conversation with contractors at around £40 and seeing who really provides value, cost certainty and a great design.

It’s important to remember the cost per sqft doesn’t include legal fees, furniture, AV or removal fees. This will add another £20 per sqft.