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Top Office Interior Design Trends for 2024

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Updated: June 12th, 2024

Published: August 29, 2023

Office interior design trends are continually evolving to meet modern-day requirements and social changes. 

In this article, with expert views from our design team, we explore the latest office design trends of 2024.

What is trending in office and workplace design right now? 

Collaborative and flexible areas

Collaboration has always been key for successful businesses, yet its significance is often overlooked when conceptualising office spaces. However, the concept of collaboration, particularly in office and workspace design, has gained tremendous popularity. Work environments are rapidly evolving, becoming increasingly flexible, collaborative and conducive to creativity.

Designing a collaborative and flexible workspace is not a straightforward process. Company cultures differ across organisations and it is vital to take into consideration factors like team dynamics, industry variations and company size. To achieve true success, you must infuse the workspace with a soulful understanding of your own company, its values, brand identity and the unique characteristics of your people.

How is Soul Spaces approaching this design trend?

Our Head of Design, Demet, says: “Flexibility for flexible minds.” We look to create agile, open spaces with movable furniture and cultural walls, fostering quick team huddles. Post-pandemic, we have adapted to the trend of movement and virtual catch-ups. This is reflected in our workspace designs.


Employee Well-Being

Mental health and well-being have become significant topics of conversation, particularly in recent years, driven by heightened awareness and the impact of the pandemic. While well-being has always been a vital consideration in design practices, the increased awareness has prompted a more profound exploration of this aspect in office workspace design.

Benefits of designing for well-being:

  • Boost in employee retention 
  • Heightened team morale and productivity 
  • Increased attractiveness to new talent 

What design elements can contribute to office well-being? 

The smallest elements can have a huge impact on spatial design. During the final phase of an office fit out, two things that stand out are biophilia and artwork. Although seemingly simple, fresh plants scattered around and curated framed artwork hanging on walls can breathe life into the office space. This creates a pleasant and vitalising vibe that helps improve well-being at work.

Micro spaces 

At Soul Spaces, we’ve observed an emerging office interior design trend in our recent projects: clients are increasingly requesting micro spaces that offer a quiet environment for their teams to focus. This demand has been amplified as a result of the pandemic, where calmness and privacy have become crucial considerations in office design. 

To cater to this need, we’ve been implementing ergonomic one-person phone booths, providing individuals a space to isolate themselves for a quick Zoom call. Additionally, we have designed dedicated well-being rooms for personal activities like meditation or prayers. These thoughtful installations reflect our commitment to creating spaces that prioritise productivity and well-being.


Little Moons Office Microspace Phone Booth

The ideal workspace according to the Soul Spaces design team 

Today, a workplace should feel like a third space, a hybrid environment where you can feel at home but also where you’re comfortable giving the best of yourself. 

A workplace must be a microcosm full of options and possibilities where the team can find all the parameters needed to produce a high-quality level of work. Collaborative rooms, social hot spots, and focus areas are the main zones to create with a design respecting the client’s needs, tastes and identity. 

Interested in learning more about the latest office design trends and how they could benefit your space? Get in touch to find out more.

Digital Content Manager

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