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Modern Conference and Meeting Room Design Ideas For Your Office

Director of Workplace Design

Updated: June 12th, 2024

Published: January 22, 2024

An essential part of your office are your conference and meeting rooms. These spaces act as central hubs where your team comes together to collaborate, generate ideas and accomplish tasks. Additionally, they serve as dedicated spaces for crucial discussions with clients and stakeholders. Here are our top modern meeting room design ideas for 2024!

Agile and Adaptable


Modular Furniture

Integrating modular furniture enhances adaptability and agility, transforming meeting rooms into multifunctional spaces. This dynamic setup enables seamless transitions from informal collaborations to formal meetings, while also contributing to a modern aesthetic.

Folding Partition Walls

Optimise space utilisation with folding partition walls. These flexible solutions provide the ability to connect or separate rooms effortlessly, allowing for an instant adjustment in the available space. This versatility ensures that the workspace can be tailored to specific needs, even creating two distinct rooms when required.

Integrating the Latest Technology

In the era of hybrid work, incorporating the latest office technology is imperative for meeting rooms. Ensuring seamless connectivity between remote and in-office teams promotes smooth wcollaboration. This also includes the use of digital booking systems that can increase and smoothen communication and overall business processes. This also involves leveraging digital booking systems to enhance communication and streamline overall business processes.

Diversified Room Sizes

For larger businesses, consider diversifying room sizes to accommodate various needs. Incorporate modular phone booths, a mix of 4-person meeting rooms and several larger conference rooms. This strategic approach facilitates effective communication processes among team members.


Fostering Inspiration and Comfort 


Designing your workspace with soul is crucial amid the ongoing WFH vs Return To Office debate. If you are keen to entice teams back to the office you must create an environment that balances inspiration, fun, well-being and comfort. Here are some key design elements you can implement to enhance your meeting and conference rooms:

Branding & Art: Add a strong brand presence and artistic elements that reflect your company’s identity. Engaging visuals contribute to a vibrant and inspiring atmosphere.

Office Meeting Room Branding

Ergonomic Furniture: Prioritise the well-being of your team with ergonomic furniture. Thoughtfully designed desks and chairs promote comfort, reduce strain and enhance overall productivity.

Ergonomic Office Meeting Room Furniture

Sunlight: Maximise natural light in your conference room designs. Exposure to sunlight has been linked to improved mood, increased energy levels and overall well-being. Strategic placement and using glazed partitions to harness natural light can significantly impact your team’s experience. 

Glazed Office Meeting Room Design

These are just some of the design elements we like to incorporate into our proejcts, our design team have a lot more up their sleeves and more than happy to share. If you think your current workspace needs a little sprucing up to entice your team back to your office and to make sure you are making the most of your office space – get in touch with us now, we’d love to chat. 

Discover more design innovations with our creative team–we may have a few more ideas you might like. If you’re ready to enhance, make the most of your workspace and entice your team back to the office, feel free to get in touch!

Director of Workplace Design

Demet graduated in Istanbul, after completing her studies in Architecture in Italy. She started her career working on a wide array of commercial projects ranging from hospitality to workspace. With 15 years of experience Demet has developed an adeptness with every stage of project delivery, from concept design through to implementation, and to take this forward into relevant and effective design.

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