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Our USPs Explained: People Over Profit

Updated: September 29th, 2023

Published: August 14, 2023

In this post our co-founder, Joe, discusses the values that are driving Soul Spaces forward.

Profit isn’t a dirty word, it’s essential to any business. 

Profit allows us to fulfil our true purpose. At Soul Spaces, profit helps us to build people’s careers, present opportunities where others wouldn’t and offer clients a genuine alternative in their office search, design and build journey. 

That’s the real reason we need to make profit as a business and that’s what drives us forward — not the money in the bank. 


People and profit — we try to balance both of these worlds best we can. 

Our people mean everything to us. When someone joins the team, we are investing and invested in their lives, on both a personal and professional level. 

We want to grow the business because we are competitive and ambitious but also want to provide our people with bigger, better and more challenging opportunities. This means we can a) help them grow and b) pay them more money. Nothing makes us more pleased than paying a commission, seeing holiday photos or hearing about an employee’s next personal project. Soul Spaces, in many ways, enables this and it really does make us proud and pleased in equal measure. 

We want to work with businesses and individuals who feel similar to us. 

For every decision we participate in, we try to guide our clients toward the solution that will make the biggest impact for their people. Not the one that will lead to the most profit for us. 

It’s this approach that makes us different. Not just focusing on the size of a deal or how it affects our egos. 

First and foremost, we enjoy working on office space projects that are cool, diverse, interesting, different, transformational and that will have a big and improved impact on the staff. If the brief matches this criteria, then we assess the budget. 

It’s a little bit unusual, and some may say odd, but it’s the approach that makes us unique and fills our projects with soul.

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