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The Future of Work: Exploring the Benefits of Office Pods

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Published: April 3, 2024

In the constantly developing world of the modern workplace, innovative solutions are continuously being pursued to enhance productivity, collaboration and overall employee satisfaction.

One solution that has gained traction in recent years is the use of office pods. These compact, soundproof workspaces offer a private and focused environment within the bustling office setting, providing employees with a secluded space to work, meet, or recharge. In this blog, our office design and build team takes you through the world of office pods, exploring their benefits and why they are becoming a crucial element in shaping the future of work.

What Are Office Pods and How Do They Work?


Office pods, or meeting pods, emerged as the solution to the modern demand for privacy and focus in the open-plan office environment. These modular units are crafted using sound-absorbing materials to provide a space of tranquillity amidst the office buzz. 

Each pod is a standalone enclave, complete with essential amenities such as integrated power sockets, adjustable lighting and an effective ventilation system, ensuring a conducive atmosphere for concentration or confidential discussions. The best part of office pods lies in their design simplicity and functionality – they can be easily positioned within existing layouts, offering immediate access to a secluded space for uninterrupted work or vital team huddles. 

The soundproof nature of these pods guarantees that activities within do not distract others, nor are they interrupted by external noise, creating an optimal environment for productivity and focus.


The Rising Popularity of Office Pods


The introduction of office pods into various working environments has marked a broader shift towards flexibility, efficiency and personal well-being within the workplace. With businesses increasingly recognising the importance of adapting to the needs of their dynamic workforces, office pods have emerged as a top solution. This surge spans across diverse sectors, with businesses ranging from growing start-ups to established enterprises integrating these modular units into their office designs. 

Office pods seamlessly integrate into existing office setups, catering to the growing need for privacy, focus, collaboration and overall well-being. With mental health concerns in the workplace on the rise, it’s crucial to prioritise elements that enhance employee well-being and foster a positive work culture. Here are some key statistics on mental health in the office for 2024:

  • Approximately 1 in 6 individuals experience mental health issues at work.
  • 61% of UK employees have either left or plan to leave their jobs within the next year due to mental health challenges.
  • The cost of staff turnover attributed to poor mental health has surged by over 150% in the past three years.


Why Your Business Needs Office Pods


Integrating office pods into your office goes beyond aesthetic enhancement; it signifies a strategic commitment to fostering an environment that cultivates productivity, innovation and well-being. These modular spaces are pivotal in mitigating the challenges of open-plan offices, notably noise distraction and the lack of privacy, which can disrupt concentration and reduce productivity. By integrating office pods, businesses empower their workforce with the flexibility to engage in focused, individual work or confidential meetings without the constraints of traditional office layouts. 

Office pods can significantly impact employee satisfaction and retention. By investing in their comfort and productivity, you demonstrate a commitment to their success and well-being. This enhances your company’s attractiveness to potential talent, establishing you as an employer of choice in competitive markets.

The benefits of office pods are scientifically backed; according to a study by Sykes, David M., Ph.D., titled “Productivity: How Acoustics Affect Workers’ Performance in Open Areas,” acoustics-controlled environments like office booths and pods show significant improvements: 62% increase in work motivation, 44% increase in the ability to focus, 52% increase in performance in tasks requiring full concentration, 29% reduction in pressure levels, 55% reduction in session interference, and 18% reduction in error rates.

The Investment: Cost and Maintenance of Office Pods


Integrating office pods into your workspace requires thoughtful consideration of the financial commitment and upkeep involved. Costs vary based on dimensions, functionality and design customisation. Entry-level single-person phone booths start at around £3,000, while multi-person office pods may begin at £7,000.

Despite the variability in price, the value derived from enhanced employee efficiency, morale and the consequent positive impact on your business’s bottom line, supports the investment. It’s an investment that pays dividends in cultivating an environment where productivity flourishes and talent retention is strengthened. 

Maintenance is designed to be minimal, ensuring these modular spaces remain assets. Constructed with longevity in mind, they use robust materials and easy-to-clean surfaces, minimising ongoing costs.


Designing Office Space With Soul


Designing workspaces with SOUL means prioritising a people-centric approach in our office design and build projects. Implementing elements that foster well-being and collaboration, like office pods and booths, is a top priority. Our London office fit out team share their insights on the significance of office pods and emphasises their importance:

Demet Ogutler, Director of Design:

Whenever a client’s budget allows, I consistently recommend integrating a range of office booths and pods. In today’s hybrid work environment, providing teams with versatile spaces is crucial. Having a variety of booth and pod types offers the flexibility needed in a dynamic office setting.

Charlotte Monks, Workplace Designer:

We recently completed a project for a longstanding client where we initially installed three phone booths. During their recent office relocation, they emphasised the need for space to accommodate these booths. One of the advantages of office pods and booths is their portability, ensuring they can be easily moved without wastage.

Ailsa Carey, Project Manager: 

Based on my experience across multiple projects, I recommend considering bespoke office pods for your space. Custom units with branded design elements and colours can enhance the overall aesthetic. Additionally, since these pods are places of work and collaboration, incorporating your brand elements can inspire creativity and foster a sense of belonging among users.

In summary, office pods are more than just a design trend – they’re a strategic investment in your team’s productivity and well-being. Ready for an office fit out with SOUL? Feel free to reach out for a free office design consultation!

Digital Content Manager

Francel is our workplace content, marketing and branding specialist. He has dedicated the past year to mastering the ins and outs of the office space industry, from search to design and build. Having worked with teams from global giants like BMW and MINI to dynamic startups like Let’s Do This, Francel has a unique understanding of how teams operate and how office spaces are utilised to foster success.

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