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When Should You Consider Moving Offices?

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Updated: July 9th, 2024

Published: November 23, 2023

Changing office space is a strategic move that demands careful consideration. It involves numerous moving parts, administrative tasks and hidden details that must align for a successful transition. Before delving into the intricate process of an office move, it’s crucial to reflect on whether it’s the right time for some Soul Searching and bid farewell to your current workspace. Here are the top 10 signals indicating that the moment for change has arrived:


1. Your Lease Is Expiring


An expiring lease is not just a deadline; it’s the perfect opportunity to evaluate your company’s growth trajectory. You might take a step back and realise that your space is no longer fit for purpose or the space has grown tired, this would be the perfect time to consider scouting for your team’s next home. However, if your current space still accommodates your needs and the landlord extends an enticing lease offer, consider seizing the opportunity! 


2. The Space Is Getting Overcrowded


Efficiency and employee satisfaction are closely tied to the amount of available workspace. We like to advise our clients to follow the rule of thumb of allocating a generous 100 – 150 sq. ft. per person, this ensures ample room for desk space, working zones and communal areas. If your current space falls short, it’s time to start Soul Search for a more spacious environment.


3. You Want A Space That Reflects Your Brand


As businesses evolve, the workspace may grow tired and lose alignment with brand identity. Implementing aesthetic, brand and design-led elements to your office space isn’t just functional but pivotal in communicating values to both the team and clients. If your current space falls short in this department, you are met with two options: You could consider revitalising your current space with a fit out or explore new offices that resonate with your brand better. 


4. Your Team Is Unhappy and Unmotivated


Employee morale and well-being directly impact productivity. If there’s a noticeable dip in enthusiasm and motivation, it’s a clear sign to conduct a Soul Search. An inspiring, fresh environment could be the catalyst for rejuvenating your team’s spirit. Make sure that your team is involved in the search as much as possible, it’s important to prioritise their needs and desires as they will be the ones making the most of the investment.


5. The Price Does Not Fit Your Budget Anymore


Economic fluctuations, the cost of living crisis and other unforeseen circumstances can lead to your landlord increasing your rental terms. If your budget feels strained, know that there are plenty of budget-friendly options available out there. A range of these options are on a need-to-know basis, that’s where we come in. With over a decade of industry experience, we bring insider knowledge and negotiation prowess to the table, consistently finding our clients the perfect space and saving them an average of 29% on rental agreements. 


6. You Are Anticipating Growth


For passionate and innovative businesses, growth is inevitable. If you foresee expansion in your team, your workspace should be prepared to accommodate this growth. Being proactive avoids the hassle of scrambling for space later and positions you ahead in the competitive office space market.


7. Technology Is Outdated


In a rapidly evolving technological landscape, outdated systems can hinder your operations. A modern workspace demands up-to-date technology to ensure smooth functionality and productivity. Upgrading tech not only ensures efficiency but also attracts top talent, as people prefer forward-thinking, innovative workplaces that prioritise making the lives of their team members easier. 


8. The Space Is Not Fit For Function


A workspace should seamlessly align with your company’s operations. If the current layout hinders functionality, you don’t have enough storage space or you’re simply currently housed in an old building, it’s time to embark on a Soul Search for a space that enhances, rather than hampers, your business processes. 


9. Suboptimal Location


The geographical location of your office is a critical factor in your business’s success. If your current location doesn’t serve your operational needs or align with your growth strategy, exploring alternative areas could be the key to unlocking new opportunities. Location is also crucial for attracting and retaining talent, especially as remote and hybrid work grows. When the office is a factor, its location significantly influences people’s decisions. 


10. You Need A Fresh Start


Sometimes, a complete reset is necessary. If your current workspace fails to inspire, rejuvenate, and align with your company’s goals, it’s time for a Soul Search to find a new beginning.

Digital Content Manager

Francel is our workplace content, marketing and branding specialist. He has dedicated the past year to mastering the ins and outs of the office space industry, from search to design and build. Having worked with teams from global giants like BMW and MINI to dynamic startups like Let’s Do This, Francel has a unique understanding of how teams operate and how office spaces are utilised to foster success.

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