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Why Ambitious Businesses Should Consider Using Office Brokers


Updated: June 11th, 2024

Published: June 5, 2024

Finding the perfect office space can be overwhelming. Navigating the commercial real estate market, negotiating lease terms, ensuring the space meets all your needs and handling legal affairs is a complex undertaking. Bringing on an office broker can lift this burden, as they expertly manage all these responsibilities for you.

Tomal, our Co-Founder and Head of Office Search Operations, shares insights into the role of office brokers, the benefits they provide and how the Soul Spaces team goes above and beyond the traditional approach with our dedicated, free and personalised office search and broker services.

What is an Office Broker?

An office broker simplifies and streamlines the office relocation journey. However, we noticed that the industry had become routine and transactional, often treating clients as mere numbers.

The Benefits of Using an Office Broker

Expertise and Market Knowledge: Office brokers have in-depth knowledge of the local real estate market, including current rental rates, available properties and upcoming developments. They can help you navigate the complexities of the market and find the best options that fit your specific requirements.

With over 10 years of industry expertise and a wealth of relationships, we have the capabilities to find great locations. But we don’t stop there. We like to get to know our clients on a personal level so we can truly fulfill all their requirements – and then some.

Time and Cost Savings: Searching for office space on your own can be incredibly time-consuming and costly. Office brokers streamline the process, saving you valuable time and resources that can be better spent on running your business.

Negotiation Power: Office brokers have extensive experience negotiating leases, leveraging their expertise to secure favorable terms on your behalf, including lower rental rates, better incentives, and more favorable lease clauses.

Savings are our bread and butter. Our goal is always to save you as much time and money as possible so you can invest that back into your team and your business. In the last four years, we’ve completed over 100 deals, saving our clients an average of 29% on their rental terms.

Access to Exclusive Listings: Many landlords and property owners work exclusively with office brokers, giving you access to listings that may not be publicly advertised.

Soul Spaces 360:  While some brokers handle site selection and lease negotiations, and others offer relocation services, we are London’s only full-service workplace agency. We find the perfect location, negotiate optimal terms and design and build a bespoke, high performance workplace—all with best-in-class quality minus the hefty price tag.

Free Office Search and Brokerage Services

We’ve been managing directors and leaders of large organisations, and now, as founders of a lean startup, we understand the challenges businesses face at every stage of their journey—especially when it comes to finding the right workplace. That’s why we offer free office search and brokerage services, making one of your business’s biggest investments easier and more affordable.

Our dedicated team of experienced brokers knows the UK real estate market inside and out. We go beyond the basics to understand your unique needs and budget, working tirelessly to find the ideal space for your team. From property searches and lease negotiations to space planning, design, and build services, we ensure a seamless, stress-free experience—delivering everything with a personal touch, commitment to excellence and a lot of SOUL!

How is our search service free?

Landlords and office providers recognise the value we bring in filling their spaces efficiently and with high-quality tenants, making it mutually beneficial for them to provide us with a fee.

This approach aligns with our commitment to providing you with exceptional service while minimising any financial burden to your business. We will only charge clients if they opt for a private lease, but we can often negotiate with the landlord to cover it on their behalf.

Let’s Get Started 

Whether you’re a startup looking for your first office or an established business seeking a new location, we are here to help. Get in touch today to learn more about our free office search and brokerage services and let’s make sure you complete your workplace journey with soul!


Tomal heads our Office Search and Negotiation operations. With over 10 years of experience in the workplace industry, including time at one of the biggest brokers in the field, he brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to our team. Tomal has successfully negotiated deals for high-profile clients such as the BBC, Attensi and UBT, consistently saving clients an average of 29% on their lease terms.

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