Designing Modern Laboratories: Key Features and Considerations

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As technology advances and industries evolve, the requirements for a company’s workspace have grown more intricate.

Specific processes, industries and teams now require specialised infrastructure, dedicated areas, advanced tools and services that strictly adhere to safety and compliance regulations. This year, we’ve had the privilege of collaborating with the forward-thinking biotech company Modern Synthesis to design a workspace and laboratory for their new Balham location in South London.

While we traditionally fit out office spaces bespoke to businesses needs, we are able to apply many of our core design principles to laboratories in order to deliver modern, high functioning workspaces. 



What makes for good laboratory design?


A lot goes in to designing and building a forward-thinking laboratory. Successful design takes into account the workflow, equipment placement and the specific needs of the team. In our experience, prioritising flexibility in layout and providing ample storage solutions are essential components of good laboratory design.

Prioritising lab safety and compliance

Safety is non-negotiable in any laboratory setting. Our designs adhere to the highest safety standards, integrating features such as ergonomic furniture, clear labelling and emergency response plans. Compliance with regulatory requirements ensures that researchers can focus on their work without compromising on safety protocols.

Optimising space for scientific research

Efficiency is at the core of laboratory design. Our approach involves optimising spatial layouts to facilitate seamless movement, efficient workflows and collaboration. Every inch of space is thoughtfully utilised to enhance productivity, whether for individual workstations, collaborative areas, or specialised equipment placement.

Adaptability is key in a dynamic research environment. Our designs incorporate flexibility to accommodate changing research needs. Modular furniture, adaptable workspaces and multifunctional areas ensure that the laboratory can evolve with the research requirements, promoting longevity and resource efficiency.



Specialised infrastructure and services

Laboratories often require specialised infrastructure and services tailored to the nature of the research conducted. From custom-built workbenches to specialised storage solutions, it’s important for designs to consider the unique needs of each scientific discipline. Integration of cutting-edge technologies and equipment is fundamental in providing state-of-the-art laboratory spaces.

Managing temperature, ventilation and contamination

Maintaining precise environmental conditions is crucial for certain laboratory experiments. Our designs meticulously address temperature control, ventilation systems and contamination prevention measures. This ensures that researchers can conduct experiments with confidence, knowing that the laboratory environment is conducive to their work.


Laboratory fit out: Crafting Spaces for Scientific Excellence


Our meticulous approach, coupled with a focus on safety, efficiency and flexibility, has allowed us to create spaces that empower innovative enterprises to push the boundaries of their missions.

Whether it’s the strategic placement of equipment, compliance with safety regulations, or the integration of cutting-edge technology, our designs are a testament to our commitment to excellence. If you’re considering a laboratory fit out, Soul Spaces is here to turn your vision into reality.