Laboratory Design and Fit Out in Balham for Modern Synthesis

Office Design
Modern Synthesis

Client: Modern Synthesis

Industry: Biotechnology

Location: Balham, London

Project Type: Cat B Fit Out
Size: 4,800 sq. ft.
Fit Out Budget: £195,000
Furniture: £110,000
AV: £45,000

At Soul Spaces, we thrive on partnering with visionary leaders. Modern Synthesis is at the forefront of sustainable evolution, harnessing 3.8 billion years of microbial history to craft a new generation of natural materials. Their mission? To replace animal and fossil-fuel derived alternatives, forging a future where waste gains purpose and materials embrace responsibility.

Crafting Coolness in Balham

When Modern Synthesis sought a workspace that mirrored their innovative spirit, we couldn’t wait to dive in. Collaborating with like-minded partners fuels our passion, and together, we embarked on a journey to transform their new industrial workspace in Balham into a haven of brilliance and comfort.

The Challenge 

In Balham, a unique task arose: harmonising a best-in-class lab with an inviting workspace. The Soul Spaces team eagerly embraced the challenge, enhancing the lab’s brilliance and the workspace’s coziness.

The Outcome

We executed with precision, curating an exceptional laboratory while ensuring the workspace exuded warmth and productivity. Electrical and mechanical precision aligned seamlessly with Modern Synthesis’ needs, creating a harmonious blend of form and function. A seamless fusion of style and function, energising research and team well-being.

Client Chemistry: Sustainability x Design

The chemistry between Modern Synthesis and Soul Spaces delivered a workspace that marries sustainability and style. A tangible representation of our shared values, it’s a place where innovation and creativity thrive. A testament to Modern Synthesis’ commitment to crafting a materially better future.