Office Design

Client: Akoya

Industry: Landlord/Workspace Provider

Location: Queen’s Park, London

Project Type: Cat B Fit Out

Size: 1,000 sq. ft.
Budget: £80,000

Akoya specialises in cultivating property pearls – finding and investing in workplace assets and nurturing vibrant communities in London’s evolving districts.

Breathing New Life into Akoya’s Workspace

Akoya’s recent Cat A refurbishment laid the groundwork for an exciting collaboration with Soul Spaces. The challenge was to infuse the office space with a distinct character while maximising the use of existing infrastructure for the return of tenants post COVID-19

In a landscape where the competition includes plug and play serviced offices, we recognised the importance of crafting a workspace that seamlessly combined personality and practicality.

Meticulous Details, Lasting Impact

Small details often wield great influence. The team embarked on a mission to bring a touch of uniqueness to Akoya’s space. By incorporating elements such as carefully placed greenery, curated stationary, and meticulously selected furniture, we transformed the traditional lease environment into a distinctive and inviting workspace.

The result? An office that radiates both warmth and professionalism, setting it apart in a sea of options.

A Collaboration of Vision and Expertise

The partnership between Akoya and Soul Spaces is a true embodiment of synergy. Just as Akoya seeks to create property pearls that enhance well-being and community impact, we share the mission of designing workspaces that uplift and inspire.

The strategic utilisation of existing infrastructure, combined with our penchant for innovative design, has yielded an environment that mirrors Akoya’s dedication to fostering dynamic and healthy workplaces.