Office Design
Haig Housing
Client: Haig Housing Trust
Industry: Charity
Location: Victoria, London
Size: 1,500 sq. ft.
Project Type: Office Design
Budget: £26,000 (ex. VAT)
Furniture: £25,000 (ex. VAT)

Nothing makes us happier or prouder than working with charities or organisations whose purpose is to help others.

Having been based in Morden for over 30 years, the time had come for the workforce to move to a more central London location, Mountbarrow House, Victoria.

Inspiring a Sense of Purpose

The leadership team wanted to ensure the new space inspired the team and provided a sense of pride and purpose on arrival. We did this through high quality prints, framing and wall finishes throughout the space. Nothing expensive or unnecessary, just thoughtful and creative solutions.

Fostering Collaboration

The group were also keen to ensure the quality of installation was high. Encouraging their teams to work together and in person was high on the agenda and, with a quality workstation and IT set up in the office, the management felt this would encourage people to leave their homes and head in to the office.

A Privilege of Purpose

We are always proud to work with people like Michael and Jo who have given so much of their lives over to helping others. It felt like a real privilege to work with these individuals.

The least we could do is donate 15% of our profits back toward Haig Housing. This money will go toward any British Military Veterans who need assistance for themselves and their families.

This project demanded our dedication and soul so that’s what we gave it.