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Office Search
Leva Clinic
Client: Leva Clinic
Industry: Wellness & Fitness
Location: Oxford Street
Project Type: Office Search
Size: 1,588 sq. ft.

In the UK, approximately 12 million adults live with significant chronic pain. Leva Clinic, with their innovative approach, empowers individuals to achieve what they once thought impossible, from walking a marathon to simply making today more bearable. Their method combines fast, effective and accessible clinician-led care with self-guided tools and a supportive community.

A Timely Connection

When our team connected with Leva Clinic, the timing couldn’t have been more perfect. Their team had been working remotely full-time and was actively seeking a physical workspace solution. They had already viewed a few serviced options but were very happy for us to join their journey and help them properly navigate the intricate office space market.

Reimagining Workspace Needs

Initially, Leva Clinic’s brief called for two separate 6-person offices. Their intention was to create distinct workspaces for their teams, addressing acoustic concerns, particularly for consultants who frequently made phone calls away from the rest of the team engaged in day-to-day operations. Drawing on our expertise, we engaged in consultancy and proposed a more practical alternative: a larger office with acoustically well-designed meeting rooms.

Swift Solutions

Once the brief details were finalised, our search team wasted no time in getting to work. In a quick turnaround, we identified the ideal location—a managed, self-contained office space in Clerkenwell. Spanning 1,588 sq. ft., this space featured three meeting rooms, an open-plan area for 10-15 desks and a well-equipped kitchenette. 

Through skillful negotiation, we secured a 12.5% reduction in the monthly rent from the already competitive list price of £8.5k, perfectly aligning with Leva Clinic’s budget. Furthermore, we successfully included furnishing and finishing touches in the monthly package, enhancing the workspace’s appeal and functionality.