Office Search

Client: TPXimpact

Industry: Business Consulting

Location: The Hickman, Aldgate East

Project Type: Office Search

Size: 7,000 sq. ft.

TPXimpact is a digital transformation company supporting organisations to build a better future for people, places and the planet. They are a team of over 500 and recently faced a pivotal decision regarding their office spaces.

Defining the Brief

They had two offices in London and aimed to consolidate, foster collaboration and create a unified company HQ. After some contemplation, TPX settled on a brief. They sought a workspace for 60-90 desks with self-contained features, break-out areas, a kitchen and collaboration zones.

Navigating the Market

The Soul Spaces search team went straight to work and explored various options in the serviced, managed and leased markets. TPX wanted an office with exceptional green credentials, which, unfortunately, often came at a premium price.

While visiting various spaces, we came across The Hickman in Aldgate East, which perfectly aligned with TPX’s vision. It featured a pre-fitted layout with 75 desks, meeting rooms, a boardroom and ample break space, all with impressive green credentials. Although it initially seemed over budget, clever negotiations by the search team secured a lease at 20% below the listing price.

TPXimpact’s willingness to adapt and explore different procurement methods and locations allowed us to help them discover an office space that fit their exact needs, all while staying within their budget.