What Now?

With all the change, uncertainty and verbatim going on about the workplace it’s easy to feel a little lost or excluded from the conversation.

With the roadmap now out and looking pretty fixed, what now? As business owners we have asked ourselves the same question.

There seems to be two clear months tenants are targeting for their return, June and/or September. If you are thinking similarly, perhaps the points below and the feedback we’ve received could shape your next steps.

The office re-location and/or fit out project really depends on the amount of people within the operation. 5-15 people, you can move as quick or as slowly as you like. 6-8 weeks is ample time to view and procure. Whilst you may feel as though there isn’t a rush, right now, there is an opportunity. Providers are willing to take a more holistic view on the value a tenant provides to their portfolio and look past the passing rent as the defining factor. If you enjoy doing a deal, well beginning discussions now could be the right time for you.

If you are 20 to 30 staff we would recommend giving yourself 8-12 weeks. The office is one of the foundations of a successful business, not the be all and end all but a key part of ensuring staff attraction, retention and culture is all working for you rather than against you. If you believe that is the case then allowing yourself 12 weeks or so to focus on the workplace is a good return on investment.

What are others saying? 
It’s normal to play your cards close to your chest, to wait and see what hands those around you are playing before putting your chips in. We are speaking with 100 tenants across sectors and London per week and here is what they have said to us.

  • I want a Covid-clause
  • I want a cap on what my 2nd year rent can be increased too
  • I know we need a HQ but how much space do we need now?

We are recommending clients to use the next 12 months as an experimental period. Thinking ahead too far in this climate is difficult. When it comes to the workplace, you have options and tools that can help shape 2022 and beyond.

Step 1

  • Take flexible office space, probably 25% less desks than what you currently need but with access to plenty of meeting room and lounge spaces of different sizes.

Step 2

  • Implement community and engagement tools such as facebook for the workplace, office vibe and a desk booking system. This provides you with real data on your teams feeling toward the workplace.

Step 3

  • Communicate regularly and monitor productivity amongst the team. Most business owners want their teams back in at least three days a week but are unsure how to say it.

Step 4

  • Accumulate data and create a long term strategy.

If you want to discuss further, call us or e-mail us for a chat.